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Hosting Plan
From $1.99/M
From 1 GB Disk Space
From 2 GB Bandwidth
From 50 POP3 Emails
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Reseller Plan
From $12.99/M
From 30 GB Disk Space
From 100 GB Bandwidth
From Unlimited POP3 Emails
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Non-Profit Plan
From $25/Y
From 2 GB Disk Space
From 3 GB Bandwidth
From 50 POP3 Emails
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Product Configuration

Create Your Own Hosting Package!

This is a unique feature available to you to set yourself apart from other web hosts! It allows us to offer customizable packages to you so that you can choose exactly what you want and pay for just those features.

  • Let you customize your hosting and pick exactly what you want!

  • In economic times like these, allow you to pay just for what you want, no more, no less...

  • Fully automated account upgrades/downgrades calculations/provisioning.

  • Supported options are Disk Space, Bandwidth, # of FTP Accounts,
    # of Email Accounts, # of SQL Databases, # of Subdomains, # of Parked & Addon Domains.

  • cPanel Supported

  • Hosting fee only $0.99 a month!

    Here is the options you can use at your choices:

    Disk Space: Starting from $0.20 a month/100MB
    Bandwidth: Starting from $0.30 a month/1 GB
    POP3 Emails: Starting from $0.10 a month/1 Email
    Sub-Domain: Starting from $0.10 a month/5 Sub-Domain
    Parked Domain: Starting from $0.15 a month/1 Parked
    Add-On Domain: Starting from $0.15 a month/1 Add-on
    FTP Accounts: Starting from $0.15 a month/1 FTP
    MySQL Databases: Starting from $0.40 a month/1 MySQL
    Email Forwarding: Starting from $0.50 a month/10 Emails
    Email Mailing List: Starting from $1.00 a month/1 Mailing List

    Upgrade / Downgrade welcome at anytime!
    Dedicated IP address is welcome (Additional $10 a month)

    Why don't you give us a try? Just click below and get started!

    Notice: This is Manually set up, not automatic and setting fee is only $0.10 each! (Compares others are $50!)

    Click Here to sign up!

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